Our Services

Participants are welcome to undertake activities such as social outings, group and social activities independently within the Ideal Care premises.

Group/Centre Activities

To improve participants’ ability to participate in community, social or recreational activities.

Community Participation

Assist participants with tedious domestic tasks so they can live in a clean and safe environment that will enhance their self-esteem and have more time to pursue their hobbies.

Household Tasks

Ability to participate in community, social or recreational services for both children and adults

Innovative Community Participation

Focus on developing the skills of the individuals to live as autonomously as possible. This activity occurs in a group living situation that can be either ongoing or temporary.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Patient and qualified nurses that possess good communication skills will serve participants’ clinical and personal needs in a clinical setting or home visits.

Community Nursing Care

Build capacity for participants to travel independently, including personal transport-related aids and equipment, or training to use public transport.


Assistance in personal hygiene, dressing, medication, financial management, communication skills and lifestyle mentoring, which support a participant to live as independently as possible at home, and in the community.

Assist-Personal Activities

From mentoring, peer support, individual skill development to decision making, we support people to make transitions on their own terms and in a way that meets their goals and aspirations.

Assist-Life Stage, Transition